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January 18th, 2010

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11:23 pm - the making of a genius...
Since Madison is in her second year of Preschool, next year she will start Kindergarten. This year, her teacher, Miss Pam, held parent teacher conferences so we would have some idea how the children in the class were progressing. This was a big step for Mike and I, seeing as how it was the first time someone has actually sat down with us and spoke to us about either of the kids' learning skills.

Today was the conference.

Madison received a "report card" that rated her with an A (almost always), an O (occassionally), and an N (not yet). My dear, sweet, baby genius got all A's and even received an A+ for her manners and how courteous she is! Miss Pam told us that she is the easiest child she has had this year and that she is above the learning curve. This is not something that Mike and I were surprised to hear, we have known from day one that Madison is special and a very smart little girl.

I am extremely proud of my little braniac. I can't wait until Kindergarten. I know she will love to learn just as much, if not more, as she does now.


She has a gift, and I hope she will forever know just how proud I am to be her Mommy.


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