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January 3rd, 2011

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06:35 pm - Heartaches.
During my pregnancy, everyone told me how hard it was to have a baby. It'll be stressful, you'll be tired, and the crying. Just wait for the crying. And the waking up every hour at night. And sleep schedules, and bottles and diaper changes. Those were the hardships I was prepared for. Those were what I had anticipated being the toughest to deal with. Boy, if I could relive those days, it would be a cake walk.

What those people neglect to tell you are the true trying times that you will have to deal with... broken hearts. Broken hearts are the worst. I cant fix them with a band-aid, and no matter how many times I utter the words, "everything will be alright", broken hearts are never all right and they take a super long time to heal.

I watch my children, and I want so badly for them to be good people. Truly genuine honest people. I want them to be caring. I want them to want to help others. I want them to never give someone a broken heart, no matter how many times theirs may have been broken.

I don't want them to be "those" kids. The kids that every parent prays their child won't become. The kids that hurt other kids, just because they can.

I've witnessed broken hearts in our household. Not only does their heart hurt, but mine hurts a million times more, because I know. I know what it's really like. I've been there. I've been that five-year-old who has been teased and picked on. I've been that same child who thought the kids I played with were really my friends, and instead turned around and treated me poorly. Kids are cruel.

I can only hope that Madison and Elliott can be strong enough to be their own persons and respect others.

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